St. Vincent De Paul Clothing Drive May 14 & 15

The St. Vincent de Paul truck will be in our parking lot the weekend of May 14th and May 15th for our Clothing Drive!!

Time: 4:00-6:00PM Saturday, 7:00AM-1:30 PM Sunday

We will accept…….

 Clothing, shoes, linens and books in good or bad condition. Unusable clothing, shoes, linens and even books generate income for the needy because they are sold for rags or in bulk.

 No baby equipment such as cribs, walkers, strollers, playpens, etc.ALL BABY CLOTHES ACCEPTED!

 Small housewares and electronics – dishes, glassware, utensils, toasters, blenders, coffee makers, radios, cd players etc. SORRY NO TELEVISIONS.

Your donations go to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shops where much of your donations are given away free to needy families in the community. Some are sold at reasonable prices at the thrift shops so that needy families can shop with dignity.

Andrea Racibozynski Scholarship Presented May 15

Andrea Racibozynski was a vibrant and active teen. She was active in school and church activities. She took part in youth ministry and helped lead retreats; she touched many lives as an active member of REACH. Andrea’s faith and involvement here at St. Raphael lives on through all of us. We have established a memorial fund in memory of her. The interest earned from the memorial fund will serve as a $1000 one time scholarship
to be applied toward college. We are presently accepting applications for the scholarship.

The criteria for being eligible include the following:
*Member of Saint Raphael Church
*Active involvement in the parish
*Current high school senior planning to attend college in the fall

The scholarship will be presented at mass on Sunday, May 15th at 12pm.
The deadline for turning in the application was Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Youth Ministry Chris Traub.

Rejoice! He is Risen! Alleluia Letter from Fr. Dan

Despite the violence, war, and sorrow which envelops our world, we are called to Rejoice. We must remember now in our time, that two thousand years ago a man named Jesus lived and ministered in a country seized and governed by a foreign power. Death and crucifixions were part of the landscape. Man’s own inhumanity to man was the cultural norm.

Into this darkness came the Light of the World. Despite our sinfulness God our Father chose to send His only Son that we may receive the gift of salvation by the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary.

So it came to pass that on a hill in Jerusalem, Jesus was cruificied between two thieves. All had abandoned him save his mother and a few disciples. When humanity’s darkest hour appeared and it seemed that mankind had rejected God and killed his only Son and heir, God was breathing new life into his creation, and restoring the beauty, love and mercy which was lost.

A New and Everlasting Covenant was established by the Lamb of God at the Last Supper, who willed to save us from everlasting death, and share His inheritance with all the brothers and sisters redeemed by His sacrifice. The Greatest moment in human history happened while nobody truly understood what the almighty was accomplishing through His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, as God made man arose Glorious and Immortal on that Easter Day.

We must rejoice as Catholic Christians, for we know we have been saved and redeemed by the blood of Christ. That despite sorrow and misery, God had destroyed death and sin, and given us the grace of being called sons and daughters of the living God.

God has a plan. We, His Holy People will not allow darkness to steal our Joy, that in Christ, With Christ, and Through Christ we have become a Royal Priesthood. Therefore we must Rejoice on Easter and Proclaim with all our mind, heart, and strength, that Christ Has Risen, Alleluia. May all our words and actions proclaim that Jesus is Lord of our lives.

I wish you all a Joyous and Blessed Easter filled with every grace and blessing. May our Resurrected Lord fill your hearts and homes with His peace, and may Mary the Queen of Peace lead you to the Love of Jesus.


Fr. Dan Bachner, Pastor

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Father David Meadow continues to break open the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Popular Demand

Remaining Dates Include: May 17

7:00-9:00 PM

Why is catechism important? The catechism is a manual of religious instruction. It is the full and complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates and prayers in her daily life.

See details in the Bulletin

Saint Raphael School Registration

Today we will begin our Early Childhood and Kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year.  It is for these grades only at this time. We will do the rest of the school re-registration in January after the Christmas Break. If you have a child that will be starting Preschool (3 by Sept. 1, 2022), PreK( 4 by Sept. 1, 2022), or Kindergarten (5 by Sep 1, 2022), current families the forms are on SchoolSpeak.  Please return the correct application for either Early Childhood or Kindergarten.  If it will be the first-time attending St. Raphael for that child, please include a copy of the birth certificate & copy of the baptismal certificate if applicable.  If the child was baptized at St. Raphael, then we will just need the month and year at the bottom of the form. At this time, you will not pay any fees.  All registration fees will be billed through FACTS when we do the re-registration for the remaining grades.  If you have any questions and want a copy of the packet if you are a new family, please contact the school office at 630-355-1880.