Bring them to Faith Formation-Register Today!

Bring your children to Faith Formation. Either continue to do this if you are apart of our program or if you are looking to enroll read below.

🙏🏼Faith formation is an opportunity for families and their children to grow in their knowledge, faith and love for Christ with the goal of raising faith filled children together.

🔹For children of First Eucharist and Confirmation age, the Faith Formation for both of these sacraments is a TWO-YEAR PROCESS.
🔹Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation begins in 8th grade and runs through the beginning of their sophomore year.

📲On-line Registration is open.

Bring them to Faith Formation on…

▫️Monday 4:45-6:00 Grades 1-7
▫️Monday 6:30-7:45 Grades 8-9
▫️Tuesday 4:45-6:00 Grades 1-7
▫️Tuesday 6:30-7:45 Grades 1-9