Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), in collaboration with the pastor, assumes the overall well-being of the parish, present and future. Its primary work is strategic pastoral planning; its secondary work is consultative, proposing practical solutions to the ongoing life of the parish.

Members of the PPC are individuals with talent in planning and designing parish mission, vision and goals. They are committed to the parish as a whole, are willing to serve for three years, are able to attend council meetings and can work collaboratively with each other and the pastor.

The PPC is accountable to multiple groups and fulfills its function by being responsible to the parish community, the pastor, the Bishop, the diocesan pastoral council and itself.

The PPC is not a board of directors that defines the role of or manages the pastor. The council has no responsibility to oversee or direct the pastor. The PPC, in its consultative capacity advises the pastor on issues that he brings for discussion. Council members may present issues that they have observed or heard, but the council does not take the role of parishioner advocacy or pastor evaluator.

To work effectively, the PPC has no more less than five members and keeps within a range of seven to twelve members. More than twelve and less than five members handicap effective group dynamics, discussion and decision-making. The PPC includes the pastor, parochial vicar and discerned parishioners. Discernment for new members occurs in the spring.

Parish Pastoral Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month in Room 167.  All are welcome to attend.

The PPC welcomes your thoughts, questions and concerns. Contact the PPC Executive Committee via email:

Parish By-Laws (Adopted May 2013)

Parish Council 2019-2020

Pete Makris – Chair

Katie Helm – Vice Chair

Susie Allen – Secretary

Fr. Dan Bachner – Pastor

Fr. John Honiotes – Pastoral Vicor

Lacy Cortez – Member at Large

Joy Brackett – Member at Large

Dan Koys – Member at Large

Chuck Barth – Finance

Marian Johnston – Staff Rep

Phil McEntee – RE

Laura Mersinger – School

Sue Sullivan – LLC

Andy Blank – Young Adult

Bob Barron – SPCM

Pastoral Council Minutes

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Parish Commissions

The ministries of St. Raphael are grouped into six categories:

  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Liturgical Life
  • School
  • Youth Faith Formation/ Religious Education
  • Pastoral Care
  • Service & Social Justice

Each of these groups has a leadership body known as a commission. Commissions meet monthly (except July and August) to coordinate specific areas of ministry.