For most Catholics, the parish is where the mission of Christ continues. Active membership in a parish provides people the opportunity to enrich their faith life through worship within a community. Faith formation acknowledges the need for life-long learning with programs for all ages. Service and social activities provide the community with the opportunity to put their faith into action.

Not only is a person’s faith life enhanced by active involvement within a parish, but the community is enhanced as a whole as well.

New Parishioner Registration

We continue to be honored by your desire to join our parish family. Following Christ’s teaching on hospitality, all wishing to
become parishioners are invited to gather at 9:00am (immediately after the 8:00am. Mass) on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of most months in room 162.

Faith is a Journey, not a Destination. Registering with the parish is a commitment to your Faith Journey and the St. Raphael parish family would like to walk with you. Below are some benefits of registering as a Parishioner:

1. Registration helps you stay connected with the parish, builds community and helps the parish stay connected with you.
2. Other parishes (including St. Raphael) often request verification of a person’s status as a practicing Catholic, attendance at Mass, sacraments, etc., when that person has been asked to be a Godparent or Confirmation Sponsor. Without registration, no such verification can be made and the proper forms cannot be signed by the pastor.
3. Census numbers may determine how many priests and seminarians are assigned to a parish and how many Masses and enrichment programs are planned and scheduled.

In short, by registering, you help us, help you!

We welcome you to St. Raphael Church!