Kathy Ford

Kathy Ford: RN Parish Nurse & Director Pastoral Care/Service

I come to St. Raphael’s as Director of Pastoral Care /Service Ministry and a new position as Parish Nurse, which compliments Pastoral Care beautifully. I have been a nurse for 38 years. My nursing background before moving into church work, is interventional cardiology which provided me the opportunity to support patients and families in times of crisis as well as aid them in their healing journey. I am a Chicagoan, a Northsider, and yes, a Cubs fan! I live in Bolingbrook with my husband, Marty. We have been married for 28 years. My husband is a teacher at Benet Academy and we have two adult daughters, Sarah and Katie Rose. I come to you with 28 years’ experience in the Joliet Diocese as Director of Pastoral Care and Parish Nursing. I humbly walk with you as a Companion on The Journey. The word “Companion”, comes from the Latin roots, com-(with) and panis-(bread), meaning literally, “someone you break bread with.” That is precisely what Parish Nurses do at their parishes, break bread with their fellow parishioners as companions on a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of healing and wholeness! My focus as I “break bread with you,” will be to establish relationships, listen with an open heart, and support this faith community through ministry and service. I am encouraged and excited to see where this journey leads. Please remember me in your prayers as I will certainly pray for all of you. May the God of Light and Healing lay His hand gently upon our feet, keeping us upright and faithful on the journey!