Baptism Planner & Coordinator

Meet with the families of children being baptized in the coordinator’s home to plan the baptism details and involvement of people. Welcome all on the day of the baptism and assist the deacon / priest with the set up and the details.

Initial Training: Training session then mentoring by an experienced baptismal liturgy planner.

Ongoing Formation: as needed

Time Commitment: Several times a year

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or

Eucharistic Adoration

tabernacle“The tabernacle was first intended for the reservation of the Eucharist in a worthy place so that it could be brought to the sick and those absent outside of Mass. As faith in the real presence of Christ in his Eucharist deepened, the Church became conscious of the meaning of silent adoration of the Lord present under the Eucharistic species.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1379)

“The Eucharistic sacrifice is the source and culmination of the whole Christian life. Both private and public devotion toward the Eucharist, therefore, including devotion outside Mass, are strongly encouraged…” (Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass, 79).

1st Thursday of each month after morning Mass until 7:30pm
Subsequent Thursdays after morning Mass until 7pm.

Spending quiet time in the presence of our Lord, reading, praying, or meditating, is a special gift. We Catholics believe inthe Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist, and so to be able to pray with

Jesus so intimately is a special source of grace. At St. Raphael’s, many opportunities for this are available:

  • The Eucharistic Reservation Chapel (the smaller chapel adjacent to the Narthex) is available for private prayer and adoration any time the Church building is open (generally from morning Mass until around 9:00pm).
  • Public Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance is observed every first and third Thursday beginning immediately following morning Mass, until 9:00pm when Night Prayer (Compline) and Benediction are celebrated.
  • Children in our school are taught about Adoration and observe it monthly with their entire class.
  • A Forty Hours Devotion, when Adoration is available continuously in Church (interrupted only for morning Mass), is observed annually.

If you are unable to come to Church, you can privately adore the Blessed Sacrament online ( )

Time Commitment: 1 hour per month for scheduled adorers. Anytime for general parishioners.

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Must possess a deep love and reverence for the Eucharist and a joyful desire to share it with the community. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist must be Confirmed, Catholic and in good standing with the Church. They must be officially mandated for service by the Diocese of Joliet (obtained by the parish). Special Ministers have a few additional jobs at the altar and may be scheduled more frequently.

Initial Training: One 2 ½ hour session

Ongoing Formation: Annual workshop

Time Commitment: 2 -3 liturgies each month

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or

Hospitality Ministry Host Teams (Ushers)

Must love people, be gracious and hospitable, love to smile and like to talk with people.  Arrive about 20-30 minutes before Mass to ensure that all is ready. Duties include reserving pews, greeting people at the door, seating people, keeping the communion procession orderly, taking up the collection, choosing individuals to present the gifts, passing out bulletins, warmly bidding farewell to parishioners. Sign up individually or as a family.

Initial Training: One two hour session.
Ongoing Formation: Annual workshop expected
Time Commitment: Serve about twice a month

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or


Lectors/Commentators (Adults and High School Students)
Must possess a love and respect for the scriptures and be gifted with public-speaking skills. Lectors proclaim the scripture readings, read the Opening Comment, Penitential Rite and Announcements, etc.

Initial Training: Two 2 hour sessions required

Ongoing Formation: Attendance at 1 – 2 workshops per year & practice at home before reading.

Time Commitment: Serve 1 -2 times per month.

Great site for Lectors!

Lectors/Commentators  (Children)
Children in grades 3-8 gifted with public-speaking skills who possess a love and respect for the scriptures.

Initial training provided

Ongoing Formation: Required monthly sessions to review skills and practice on the microphones (Sept – April)

Time Commitment: Serve a few times a year at some 9:00am and 12:30pm Sunday Masses, special
liturgies, Sacramental celebrations, prayer services and certain parish events.

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or

Liturgical Life Commission

Our Mission is to represent, facilitate, and guide liturgical ministries, liturgical support ministries, music ministries, baptismal ministries, marriage ministries and funeral ministries.

To foster the spiritual development of the parish community to follow the guidance of

  • the liturgical documents of Vatican II and post Vatican II (links: and the scripture the tradition of the Catholic Church
  • current ministerial practice

Flowing forth from, and leading back to the Sunday Eucharist, the center of our prayer life, we . . .

  • Promote individual and communal spiritual growth; foster gospel values to bring about increased understanding and trust among all God’s people prepare for future ministerial growth requirements create open, welcoming community through inspiring worship experiences and educational programs
  • Work toward the parish vision through our ministries

Commission Membership . . .

  • Must possess a love for the prayer and ritual of the church and a desire for ongoing personal and communal spiritual growth are discerned using the Shared Wisdom Process meet on the third Tuesday of each month serve on working sub-committees
  • Serve a three-year term

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or

Marriage Preparation Sponsor Couples

Meet with engaged couples three or four times in the sponsor’s home to share and discuss a variety of topics to help couples prepare for a successful, healthy and loving marriage. Resources are provided.

Initial Training: 4 hour session
Ongoing Formation: occasional
Time Commitment: 3-5 couples per year

Contact: Lynn Wilson at (630) 615-7616 or