Grieving the loss of a family member or friend can be one of life’s most difficult journeys. Grief is a very personal experience. No two people experience grief in the same way, even when they are grieving the same loss. In the same way that grief is unique, so too is the process of coping with grief and integrating loss into one’s life. Complicated emotions and experiences are a part of the grief journey.

Acknowledging the full reality of the loss is a first step in the process of mourning. Replaying events surrounding the death, both good and bad, are common. This replay is an essential part of mourning. It’s as if each time we relive the loss, the event becomes a little more real. This replay may go on for months after the loss. That’s normal! Be compassionate and patient with yourself and others who are working on this and other aspects of grief.

For those who would like additional support and guidance, St. Raphael’s Bereavement Ministry offers a six-week Grief Support Group.

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