Our Mission is to represent, facilitate, and guide liturgical ministries, liturgical support ministries, music ministries, baptismal ministries, marriage ministries, and funeral ministries.

To foster the spiritual development of the parish community to follow the guidance of

  • the liturgical documents of Vatican II and post-Vatican II (links: www.USCCB.org and www.vatican.va the scripture the tradition of the Catholic Church
  • current ministerial practice

Flowing forth from, and leading back to the Sunday Eucharist, the center of our prayer life, we . . .

  • Promote individual and communal spiritual growth; foster gospel values to bring about increased understanding and trust among all God’s people prepare for future ministerial growth requirements create open, welcoming community through inspiring worship experiences and educational programs
  • Work toward the parish vision through our ministries

Commission Membership . . .

  • Must possess a love for the prayer and ritual of the church and a desire for ongoing personal and communal spiritual growth. Members meet on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Members serve a three-year term.