Visiting the Sick & Homebound

Parishioners visit the homebound, those in hospitals, and those in nursing homes to pray with them, share the Eucharist, and to serve as a listening presence. Parish priests are also available for the Sacraments of Anointing the Sick, and Reconciliation.

Home Visitation

Parishioners who are trained Ministers of Care visit the homebound to pray with them, share the Eucharist, and to serve as a listening presence.

Time Commitment: Varies depending upon the needs and number of the people you are visiting each week.

Hospital Ministry

Parishioners who have been trained as Ministers of Care bring comfort and reassurance to Catholics at Edward Hospital by talking, listening, praying, and sharing the Eucharist.  These ministers are assigned specific floors to visit on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week (other days are covered by Ministers of Care from other Naperville parishes).  Hospital Ministers may visit the hospital at their convenience during the hospital’s regular visiting hours.

Time Commitment: Varies depending on the number and the needs of the Catholic patients being visited.

Nursing Home Ministry

Parishioners visit with the residents of Manor Care Nursing Home and Harbor Chase to provide spiritual and social support. These parishioners are trained to lead communion services and to distribute the Eucharist to residents. Communion Services take place at Manor Care each Wednesday at 2:30pm and at Harbor Chase each Friday at 10:30am.

Time Commitment: Varies, typically a 1 to 2 hour commitment each time.

Contact: Barry O’Donnell at (630) 615-7613 or