Good Friday, April 10 reflection by Deacon Len


When I read this Gospel passage from John, I always find it conflicting that just moments after Peter strikes the high priest’s slave in an act of bravery before soldiers with swords , he cowers when questioned by the maid at the gate.  One moment he appears to be ready to fight to the death to defend his friend.  The next moment he can’t handle the thought of being ridiculed and considered and outsider.

But then, I realize it’s not just Peter.  He tells the story of our human weakness.  We all stand up for our faith when the moment is right: when we have the right audience, the right motive, the right words, confidence.  Yes, I stand by what I believe.  But then it happens.  We’re caught off guard or the audience isn’t one that I want to see my vulnerabilities.  I don’t talk about my faith in this group of friends, neighbors or coworkers.  I don’t really deny Jesus, I just don’t admit to what I believe, just like Peter.

Jesus went to the cross knowing that Peter would and did deny Him.  Jesus went to the cross knowing that I would and did deny Him. “Yes it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured.”  When I read this story about Peter, I want to be there to show Jesus that I won’t deny Him.  So, why is it so difficult to not be Peter when “the moment isn’t right”?

He knows that we can’t do it.  We are human.  We are sinners.  That is why He did do it.  He did it in our place and “gave his life as an offering for our sin”.  

Today let us spend some time contemplating the cross.  Get out a crucifix at home and spend time in adoration recognizing that Jesus makes up for our weakness by His submissiveness.  Let us pray a prayer of thanks.  Let us pray a prayer asking for mercy.  Let us pray a prayer asking for strength.  Let us STAY with Jesus when everyone else scatters.

We adore you O Christ, and we bless you.

Because by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world.