Dear Parents,

St. Raphael Catholic School is rich in Catholicism and the tenants of our faith. As a parish and as a school we have high standards and truly beautiful traditions that the school and parish have established.

Our students study hard and their scores reflect their hard work. Our staff works diligently to differentiate for each individual child so that they can draw out the best in each student. Our students encounter a strong faith formation combined with their academics, service opportunities, a multitude of extracurricular activities to choose from, and involvement with our parish community on a daily and weekly basis. These efforts create strong students with unique talents to bring into the classroom and out into our community.

You will find that our staff is dedicated and devoted to student success here at St. Raphael.  Their efforts to teach using cutting edge methods are of the highest quality. In addition, our parental involvement as volunteers in the classrooms, library, playground, coaching and setting an upstanding example of strong disciples of Christ are also what makes a true heartwarming schooling experience for our families. From pre-school to 8th grade, our students are special to all of our parents — not just to the grade level they are in! Our parents are truly dedicated to helping us as a staff do what is best for children! Our priests help our students to be involved in the parish life each and every day. Whether it is performing masses, teaching in classes, spending time with the students out on the playground or in the chapel, our priests show that they care about the development of our students!

If you want your child to have an outstanding schooling experience that will change their lives forever, then contact me to schedule a tour and to discuss all that St. Raphael Catholic School has to offer. We can also discuss other facets of St. Raphael such as our Resource Teaching Department, extended day program, full day kindergarten, technology, before and after school care. 

Students who come to St. Raphael School thrive in this environment!  All grade levels work hard in their studies and make friends that last a lifetime. We are incredibly proud to call them Redwing Graduates. We hope you will seriously consider contacting me as soon as possible for a personalized tour of our school and a chance to set your child up for an exhilarating educational experience!


Mrs. Mavis DeMar
St. Raphael Catholic School