The 2024 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal Has Begun!

As the Diocese of Joliet launches the 2024 Catholic ministries Annual Appeal (CMAA), we are humbly asking all parishioners to pledge their support for this important effort, as together we can make a profound difference.

This year’s CMAA theme is 🙏🏼For the Glory of God🙏🏼. Through our support, we ensure that the mission and ministries of Christ’s Church are available to everyone.

Together, we can help provide safe shelter for the homeless, feed the physical and social needs of those who are hungry, inspire those discerning a life of vocation, and aid in the education of our next generation of Catholics. Our parish could not accomplish all of this on its own, but together through the appeal we can do so much.

Our parish’s goal for the 2024 CMAA is $177,300, and 70 percent of any amount we raise over our goal will be returned to us and used fruitfully within our own parish.

Please review the materials you receive in the from the Diocese of Joliet this month and prayerfully reflect on your gift to this year’s annual appeal.

If you do not receive a CMAA mailing, please contact the parish office. Thank you for your generosity to the 2023. Our goal was $180,700, gifts to the appeal totaled $267,325. Our rebate was $60,638. God Bless you for helping make the 2023 CMAA a success for the Diocese.

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Your Impact

Our donors’ generosity is unmatched, and we thank you for your considerate contributions. We invite you to read the below report and view our ministry minutes to learn more about how our annual appeal positively impacts and strengthens the programs and ministries of the Diocese of Joliet.