May 25 reflection by Deacon Kurt

Monday May 25, 2020

Acts 19:1-8

John 16:29-33

Happy Memorial Day to you all, and a special thanks to all our veterans out there. Thank you so much for your service, you have helped make our country the great place it is.

What a power reading we have today from Acts. Paul has been in Greece the past few days encountering many new Christians along his way. Paul encounters some believers who have never heard of the Holy Spirit. Like Appollos from Saturday, these Greeks have only heard a portion of the real story and with their limited knowledge, but great faith and belief in Jesus, they are Christians. Paul and all of his fellow traveling compainions, men and women alike, are bringing the whole story, the truth of the Good News to these new believers.

My friends, I think as we move through this pandemic, we are going to, as happens in crisis situations have our faith tested. When tested in this way, we can grow closer to God or drift away some. I’m not talking about drifting a lot, but just enough to become complacint, just where the devil wants us. Maybe you aren’t watching the Masses as much or praying or trying to connect with people. We can settle in and I love settling in, taking it easy, letting the day float by. Lucky for me, I have enough “church work” now allow me to “really settle in”, I get snapped out pretty quick. Now there are those folks, maybe you or you know this person, who has used this time to really connect with God and has by the grace of Godwill find themselves in a better spiritual place. Praise God! So let’s make it a point to keep that missionary spirit and help those who could use a boost up, me included! Paul’s gift in evangelizing was bringing the Holy Spirit to those who didn’t know him. We can do that too, my friends. And you know it can just be the smallest of kindnesses that mean the most to people, especuially if they know it comes from the heart. That is bringing the Holy Spirit to someone in a profound way.

I pray we get to see each other soon as we begin the process of opening up the parish. It will take all of us to make this work. It will be a process, sometimes a slow process, but it can and will work. We can do it together.

Peace dk