The Reflections retreats are planned primarily for sophomores who are in formation for Confirmation. They begin on Friday night and conclude on Sunday evening. The retreat has proven to be a great experience for our students. It is lead by a large group of peers along with some college students and adults.

The retreat includes many different types of activities such as: large group presentations by peers, small group sharing, open gym, group competitions, varied prayer experiences, skits, free time and mass.

The retreat is held at Dickson Valley Camp in Sandwich, Illinois. The camp grounds have open and wooded spaces as well as a gym and outside playing fields. Meals provided include a snack on Friday night, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday and breakfast/lunch on Sunday. Transportation to the retreat is via bus service. For more information about Dickson Valley Camp, check out their website at: http://www.dvcrc.com/

Sophomore confirmation candidates must register for one of the retreats as part of their faith formation.

If you are interested in helping with a retreat, participation in the planning sessions which take place for the six weeks prior to the retreats is requested. High school teens interested in becoming part of the Team, must first attend a weekend retreat.