Friday Morning Prayer Group

Join us in Room 167 on Friday mornings after Mass.  The main purpose of this prayer group is to encourage praise and worship to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

After opening with a song and a prayer for protection, we ask for guidance of the Holy Spirit. We continue Praise through:

  • Songs and Spontaneous Prayer
  • Psalms/ Scripture/Open discussion
  • Litany of Praise and Thanks

After Praise and Worship, we have a period of silence where we listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We continue with:

  • Teachings
  • Personal Faith Sharing
  • The private and specific intercessory prayer needs of the community
  • Our mission is a renewed community, bringing people into a closer walk with Jesus Christ by experiencing and acknowledging the gift and value of intercessory prayer.

If you have a prayer request for this group, please call the parish office at (630) 355-4545.

We welcome new members!

Dates: Friday mornings after Mass, 9:15 – 10:30am

Time Commitment: 2 hours weekly

Contact: Kurt Lange at (630) 615-7607 or