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Friday, the 4th Week of Lent by Deacon Len

  http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/032720.cfm Our readings today remind us that our call to discipleship is not easy and not without suffering.  Although we live in the promise of the Kingdom, that doesn’t mean we live free of distraction, difficulties and even suffering. In our first reading we see “society” reviling and plotting against “the just one”.  Father […]

John 5:31-47 by Deacon Dan

Today’s gospel challenges us to live our lives based upon impressing only one person: God. Jesus is addressing the Pharisees who live their lives to impress each other: quoting scripture, praying in public, giving gifts in the temple for all to see – but then having no love for sinners or anyone not like them.  […]

The Purpose of Life by Fr. Jeremiah

The Coronavirus is certainly laying bare many underlying realities of secular American culture.  Many of the elites, the leaders within the economic, academic, and political institutions explicitly believe there is nothing else but what we have here.  Many many more live as if that were true, barely paying lip service to anything transcendent.  At times […]

March 24 reflection by Deacon Jerry

“ I saw water flowing from the temple and all who were touched by it were saved.” After reading and hearing about the “stay in place” directive many emotions ran through my heart and mind. First there was anger, then a sense of disbelief, and finally emptiness and longing. This anger-manifested itself from the strong […]

Isaiah 65: 17-21 and John 4:43-54 by Deacon Kurt

One of my favorite scenes from “The Passion of the Christ” is where Mary encounters the bloodied and exhausted Jesus as He carries His cross to Calvary. Jesus says to His mother, “See, Mother, I make all things new.” Here, these words offer us hope, as we’ve heard in today’s passage from Isaiah. The Lord […]

Update from Bishop Pates 3/19

PDF of the 3/19 Statement March 19, 2020 My dear Sisters and Brothers in the Joliet Diocese, Because of the rapid spread of the virus and in accord with the actions taken by the neighboring dioceses, all Church services, beginning with weekend Masses, daily Mass, Stations of the Cross, etc., in the parishes and institutions […]

Prison/ Jail Outreach

• Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project – an annual fundraiser supporting prison ministry. This initiative enables inmates to record themselves reading books to their children. The books and CD recordings are then given to the child.  • JUST of DuPage – offers opportunities to volunteer at the DuPage County Jail.

Short Term Mission Work

St. Raphael supports parish and Diocesan efforts to be involved in mission activities locally, nationally and internationally. This involves possible volunteer workers, fundraising and support efforts for the mission activities. One ongoing fundraising activity is the Gift Cards for Good program. Purchasing gift cards through this program provides a percentage of the gift card purchase […]


St. Raphael Knights of Columbus sponsor a monthly service hosted at St. Margaret Mary Church in Naperville. Shift volunteers are needed for 5:30-9:00pm, 9:00pm-12:00am, 12:00-3:00am, 3:00-5:30am, 5:30-8:00am. Food donations are also needed for dinner and breakfast. Date: second Thursday of the month Time Commitment: 4 hours per month Contact: Barry O’Donnell at (630) 615-7613 or bodonnell@st-raphael.com