Fair Trade Coffee

On Sale in the Parish Office and after all masses on the first Sunday each month.

fairtradeWhat is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a new model of international trade that provides a clear and just alternative to the free trade system. Fair Trade is built on right relationships – direct human relationships between consumers and producers that respect human dignity promote economic justice and cultivate global solidarity.

How do my purchases of Fair Trade coffee and other items help?

Your purchase of Fair Trade items puts more money directly into the hands of the farmers and artisans who created them, and supports right relationships between small scale producers overseas and consumers in the United States.

What does Fair Trade have to do with my faith?

For us Catholics, Fair Trade allows us to live our faith more fully by acting in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in need overseas.

In terms of our role as consumers, this means seeking alternatives to a system that channel as little as 1 percent of the end value of the products we buy back to the low-income farmers or artisans who created them. Making the conscious choice to consume Fair Trade products, in short, is consistent, with the social principles of our faith. It requires little of us, but can have a decisive impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters in need overseas.

Contact: Barry O’Donnell at (630) 615-7613 or bodonnell@st-raphael.com